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In each part of the world, thousands of people are regularly trying to invent something new in the field of technology. Many of them have also become successful in bringing about a revolution in this field. The result of which is that today we cannot think of the life which is devoid of technology. Yet we may be amused to learn about the fact that even in today’s world there are many places whereby simple facilities of internet is not available.

In order to change this scenario, pioneers of this field have tried to launch something new with a project called The Loon Project. This project initiated by Google. It started in June 2013, with a pilot test whereby thirty balloons powered with internet where released in the sky. They navigated to places above the earth’s surface with the help of wind in the stratosphere. The testers of this project used software algorithm to determine the direction of these balloons. By this process the balloons were arranged into a circle which created one large network that could be used for communication. To know more about this project, please visit Loon Project

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